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Welcome to Tanzanite.com. We are a worldwide company with offices located in New York, Africa, Belgium, Israel, Thailand, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka. Tanzanite.com is owned and operated by a family business, which has always been known to demand perfection from its original inception from the mines. From the beginning, the family has been able to maintain strong relationships with owners of tanzanite mines and cutters from around the world. When you shop at Tanzanite.com, you gain the experience of owning a true gem that the family handles with love and care. With its rich and vibrant beauty, Tanzanite.com offers various selections of fine jewelry. Whether it's a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, our gems are sure to dazzle and impress.

Tanzanite.com offers a collection of exclusive rare gems with beautiful colors that can brighten up a room. We have obtained a great amount of the world's finest quality of tanzanite throughout the years and continue to only buy the rare exquisite colors and clarities that the mines produce.

Shop with confidence at Tanzanite.com. Our company is listed with the following organizations that have their company links logos below.

  • Jewelers Board of Trade
  • Jewelers Vigilance Committee
  • American Gem Trade Association

We would like to extend our gratitude by giving a 30 day guaranteed full value return policy. We also provide a certificate of authenticity for every item purchased as well as a 5 year warranty card. In addition, for a better shopping experience, we have setup a concierge department. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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